Sustainability is at the very heart of what we do.

We strive to create delicious and new flavours without harming the planet. This means sourcing local ingredients that are in season, organic where possible, and without animal products. We minimise waste throughout all our processes, and are working towards a totally zero waste kitchen.


Seasonal and local food is our thing. All our fresh ingredients are grown in the U.K and we use seeds, grains and dry ingredients from British sources as much as possible. This means fewer air miles and fresher food.

For ingredients that are imported, we’ve done thorough research and use the most sustainable sources out there.

We use no animal products in our cooking. This is a great way to support the health of our planet and ensure the longevity of all it’s species.


All our single-use packaging (inc. plates & cutlery) is fully compostable. We also offer discounts to you bold eco-warriors who provide your own reusable containers for us to fill with picnic food.

All our picnic rugs are either second hand or recycled and we try our best to avoid single use plastics.

If you have any questions about our sustainability policy, please ask - we like talking about it!

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