About Us

Who we are

Behind Pea Shoot is a group of friends who rejoice in sharing food, living in London and being outdoors. We came together through a mutual love for our natural world, a lust for adventure and a desire to cultivate lives that support both.

We are committed to ensuring the survival of our planet and all its creatures. So we did some research and found that eating a plant-based diet routed in seasonal, locally sourced ingredients is a great place to start. We’ve since learned loads about how to eat and live in ways that don’t harm the planet. It’s been a fun and interesting journey so far, and we want to share our discoveries with you.

Our Mission


We’re passionate about living in a way that is in balance with our environment. Our purpose is to provide high quality, locally sourced vegan food at an accessible price in the most sustainable way possible.

We want to spread the health and environmental benefits of veganism, but also to have fun while doing it. We’re firm believers that the key to success in life includes a healthy dose of fun and playfulness.

We think a meal shared with friends is the perfect way to wind down from the bustle of London life - make it a Pea Shoot one to keep it hearty & wholesome.