Pea Shoot

Seasonal plant-based dishes using locally sourced ingredients.

Events, catering and picnics celebrating sustainable food and the outdoors.

Autumn is here! Book Pea Shoot for your event, party or dinner and celebrate this season’s bountiful offerings.



Give us 48hrs notice & we’ll rustle up a plant-based feast for you, with ALL the frills - you’ll get a rug & decorations to make it a real picnic experience.

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We cater for events large & small - from riotous parties to intimate dinners.

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We celebrate all things seasonal by hosting banquets & events throughout East London.

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Easy-Peasy Picnics

We do the grunt work, so you can focus on the important stuff - relaxing & eating

Seasonal Suppers & Conscientious Catering



We want to live in balance with our environment, so everything from our food prep to our packaging is meticulously sustainable.